Lee Brice has released the video for his latest single, 'I Don't Dance,' and be warned -- tissues may be necessary while viewing.

The video flashes between scenes of the singer playing in an empty Ryman Auditorium, along with scenes from his own wedding last year, when he married his longtime girlfriend, Sara Reeveley.

It's fitting that Brice's bride stars in the video, since he wrote the song, which is now the title track for his upcoming album, with her in mind.

“In my mind it was a song for Sarah, before we got married,” Brice tells Radio.com. “It was kind of about our first dance.”

But the South Carolina native says he knew as soon as he -- along with his co-writers Dallas Davidson and Rob Hatch -- finished the tune, that its impact was going to be much more far-reaching than just the two of them.

“Immediately when we finished writing it, I realized it wasn’t just a song I was writing for my wife,” he recalls. In fact, they were so please with the end result that he kept to their work tape for the single release.

“I just added stuff around it,” he explains. “That was it, that was the original live guitar and vocal work tape that’s out on the radio now. It just had a magic to it.”

Brice, who is now also the father of two boys, is just as smitten with his wife as the day they first met.

“I was walking on North Myrtle Beach one night, when I was there on vacation," he recalls to The Boot. "I was around 18 years old, and it was just me and a few buddies, and we were looking for girls. It was raining and dark, so no one was on the beach, and then this girl walks by in this big ole sweatshirt, and you can’t tell if she’s attractive or not. Just as she walked by, the light hit her just right and I’m like, ‘She’s gorgeous.’ So I said to my buddies, ‘If she turns around, I’m going to go walk back to her.’ I looked back and the next thing I know, she’s turned around, so I went after her. We sat down on the beach and talked, then I went and got my guitar and played songs for her on the beach.”

The recent ACM Song of the Year winner, for his No. 1 hit, 'I Drive Your Truck,' will put the finishing touches on his upcoming album later this year. He's also serving as the opening act on Luke Bryan's That's My Kind of Night Tour, which will play a series of shows in Canada next month. See a complete list of his upcoming shows here.

Download 'I Don't Dance' here.

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