Lee Brice has earned the respect of his label, enough that they gave him the freedom to take his latest album in his own direction.

Brice's latest album, 'I Don't Dance,' and its title single have been huge successes -- the single was the fastest to go platinum in country this year -- which can partly be attributed to the singer's label, Curb Records, giving him the reigns.

"Curb loved the last record, and it was successful, and I kind of had done it on my own, I kind of stepped out and did what I wanted to do, so they said, 'Go do it again.' They gave me this freedom," he tells Soundcheck. "So with that freedom, I was really excited to be able to test those waters and push the boundaries and not dance in the same box as I've sort of had to dance in before -- a lot of people have to do that for labels or whatever reason -- and just be more me."

Brice was happy to have the freedom to create the album his own way, but with that freedom came the knowledge that its success was solely on his shoulders.

"It's scary to be on your own terms when the label goes, 'OK, go make a record.' They're not looking for you to fail, but if you don't pull through and do it right, then there's no excuse, it's your fault," he says. "So I was a little nervous getting into it like that and really taking this stuff on by myself."

The singer created the album very intentionally, and he says that fans should listen to the entire thing in order.

“It has a flow, and it hits all the right spots at the right times,” Brice says. “I was truthfully working on the sequence the whole time, and the sequence ended up helping me decide on the last few decisions I had to make on which songs were going to actually make the record. The sequence determined that.”

'I Don't Dance' is available on iTunes and Amazon.