Lee Brice's long-awaited 'I Don't Dance' album is finally in stores. But while listeners might naturally gravitate towards the album's first two singles, the title track and 'Drinking Class,' the singer-songwriter urges his fans to listen to the project from start to finish.

"It has a flow, and it hits all the right spots at the right times," Brice tells Broadway at Country 92.5. "I was truthfully working on the sequence the whole time, and the sequence ended up helping me decide on the last few decisions I had to make on which songs were going to actually make the record. The sequence determined that."

The record, which follows his 2012 'Hard 2 Love' project, marks the first time the South Carolina native produced one of his albums by himself. The result, he explains, is a mix of some new sounds and some old sounds that showcase a few of his favorite styles of music.

"With ['Drinking Class'], I had some crazy stuff on it," Brice recalls. "At the last minute, I realized what it was missing, and it was missing the simplicity of a working-class sound, the organic sounds, so some of that got taken off of 'Drinking Class,' but it's kind of on some of the other stuff -- some of the heavy, just new sounds I was hearing in my head I wanted to try because they were a part of some of the music that I love.

”One thing I tried to do on this record is a lot of classic sounds,” he adds. “I love putting classic steel guitar with a classic banjo -- all those sounds meshed with new sounds I created in my head.”

Brice co-wrote 13 of the 16 tunes on the record, including 'Girls in Bikinis,' which features his wife, Sara, on the bridge. Download the album here.

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