Artist: LeAnn Rimes

Song: 'When I Call Your Name'


Why We Love It: On her new album, 'Lady and Gentlemen,' LeAnn pays tribute to some of the country legends who influenced her career, putting her own spin on their classic tunes. A standout track on the project, due in stores Sept. 27, is 'When I Call Your Name,' the heartbreaking ballad by Vince Gill, who co-produced the project. Vince tells The Boot he insisted LeAnn make the song her own, and not just sing "a note for note version."

"I started playing her some Sam Cooke records, so that she could hear it more like an R&B song," he explains. "It was a neat way of doing the song, and she sang the fire out of it!"

On 'Lady and Gentlemen,' LeAnn also sings the fire out of tunes by Merle Haggard, George Jones, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Kris Kristofferson, among others. Two bonus tracks are the original songs 'Crazy Women' and 'Give,' and the songbird also revisits the tune that put her name on the country music map some 15 years ago, 'Blue.'

"We re-cut 'Blue' with the Time Jumpers, the Western swing band that I play with now," Vince explains. "It's a much more authentic kind of record, even more so than the one she made back in the '90s."

Vince says he's confident the new album will present LeAnn with a whole new crop of fans who, like him, have a great love for the history of country music.