2019 CMT Next Women of Country class member and The Voice runner-up Lauren Duski's confidence in herself as a person and as a performer is hard-won, and she's spreading a message of positivity and the importance of self-confidence with her new song "Costume Party."

Below, Duski shares the story of her struggle to gain the confidence to put out new music for the first four years after she moved to Nashville, and how writing "Costume Party" helped her overcome her insecurities. Read on to learn more.

The main thing for me with that song is that the first four years I spent here [in Nashville], I couldn't even play in a writer's round, I was so nervous.

It got to a point where I just knew, "Okay, I need to put this out." I needed to just stop being so hard on myself, and realize that the opinions of others and my insecurities, I just needed to let 'em go. That's honestly how this song was born, just to tell people that it's okay not to be okay.

Every room I walked in, I was like, "Am I wearing enough makeup? Am I dressed well enough for this meeting?" I go to a grocery store and feel like people are thinking, "Oh, she looks like a bum," because I'm always wearing sneakers and sweatpants. That's where the song comes from: just being okay with that, and being yourself.

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