Before Lauren Alaina was gracing the small screen on 'American Idol' and opening for star-studded tours, she spent her after-school hours as a member of the CiCi's Pizza waitstaff. Now that her job involves traveling the country with Jason Aldean on his My Kinda Party tour, she finds herself on the opposite side of the service industry quite a bit.

"My mom was a waitress when I was a little girl, and people would not tip sometimes and I would see her cry," the 'Georgia Peaches' singer explains to Country Weekly. "So, I tip better than just about anybody I know. I bet people in my town love it when they see me walk through the door."

The 17-year-old is so adamant about gratuity, she even helps out servers who aren't waiting on her. "I don't remember where it was, but I saw this girl who was about 18 who was waiting on a table of about 20 people," the 'Idol' runner-up recalls. "Later on, I saw her crying and I asked our waitress what was wrong. She said that the people at that table got up and didn't leave her a tip. I felt so bad, because I used to see that happening to my mom. So, I handed the girl about 60 dollars. People just shouldn't do that to a waitress. Those servers work very hard all day long and they depend on those tips."

Despite Lauren's kind actions, she sometimes finds herself being slightly mistreated by people in the service industry. In January, was left out in the cold, literally, but some disgruntled hotel employees.

"Taxi man took me to the wrong Hilton & the people at this Hilton garden inn in Gaithersburg, Md are making us wait out in the cold for a cab," the singer shared with her Twitter followers. In two subsequent tweets, she added: "I sure hope I [don't] catch a cold bc of these inconsiderate people. Sir whoever you are I hope your horrible situation that made your outlook on life so awful. We will be praying for you. And because of the way you [treated] us we will never stay at your hotel so we won't need that KEY."

A bit later, the singer tweeted: "Not taking anything away from Hilton hotels Bc they are great. However I'm just saddened by the negative attitudes people have these days."

In addition to being on the road with Jason Aldean, Lauren will also head out in April for Sugarland's In the Hands of the Fans tour. Follow her packed tour schedule here.

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Lauren Alaina on 'American Idol'

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