With about half of her first-ever headlining tour still ahead of her, Lauren Alaina has revealed that she's got plans to drop a six-song EP in March. The singer shared the news of the Getting Good EP, during a Today show appearance on Monday (Jan. 27).

Alaina's new project will consist of songs that her fans already know and love -- "Ladies in the '90s," "Three," "Doin' Fine" and "Road Less Traveled," as well as "Getting Good" -- and the EP will feature some brand-new material, too.

"I have been singing new songs on the road that aren't yet released," Alaina explains in a statement. "I'm working on my third album -- it's not finished yet, but I decided the songs we're doing live, I'm going to put on an EP!"

Though Alaina isn't ready to share all the details of her next full-length project just yet, she did drop some hints about her new music's direction during a conversation with The Boot in early 2020. "I'm writing it right now. We'll get back and record the next songs for it, and are planning on putting it out later this year," the singer said at the time.

"I think, on this album, we're gonna play with including some very traditional-sounding songs on there," Alaina goes on to say. "I was trying to tap into some of my roots, being a Georgia girl growing up. My family's from Alabama, and they're farmers. I don't know that I've totally shown that part of myself, 100 percent."

In fact, Alaina says, she got a gentle push back in that direction from a fellow artist and friend with strong country roots of his own. "Morgan Wallen's one of my good buddies, and he said to me, 'You know that people don't know how country you really are, right?'" Alaina recalls.

"I was like, 'Well, maybe I should show them!'" the singer says with a laugh. "So I'm just gonna try to share myself, even more fully than I already have."

That authenticity is a hallmark of Alaina's career to date, and is part of the reason why she's so proud of her new single and EP title track, "Getting Good."

"I feel like it's a really important message to share. It's about being present in your life right now," the singer continues. "I am constantly planning ahead, trying to figure out what's next. I love goals, and I love figuring out what I'm gonna do next, but I forget to be, like, present.

"I think [the song] is a good reminder to me -- and to everyone -- just to be happy with where you are," Alaina says.

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