Lauren Alaina has set an Oct. 2 release date for her new self-titled EP.

The project will include five tracks, all of which Alaina co-wrote. The EP's first single, "Next Boyfriend", will go to radio on Sept. 28. Another of the songs, "History," was recorded for ESPN as an exclusive promo track for the network's college football coverage. A full track listing is available below.

Alaina previously told The Boot that she had been working on her sophomore full-length release, and that she was hoping to release its first single in "late summer/early fall." It is unclear if this new EP takes the place of that project or if Alaina has more new music coming.

The Georgia native had vocal cord surgery last year, which gave her both a break from touring and the chance to focus on her new project. Alaina says that her time off “was the best growing experience I’ve ever had.”

“Out of everything I’ve ever done, I had time to figure myself out, come into my sound,” she explains.

Lauren Alaina, Lauren Alaina EP Track Listing:

1. "Road Less Traveled" (Lauren Alaina, Jesse Frasure, Meghan Trainor)
2. "Holding The Other" (Lauren Alaina, Emily Weisband, Eric Olson)
3. "Next Boyfriend" (Lauren Alaina, Emily Weisband, Matt McVaney)
4. "Painting Pillows" (Lauren Alaina, Lindsay Jack Rimes, Alex Masters)
5. "History" (Lauren Alaina, Emily Weisband, Jesse Frasure)

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