It's been almost four years since Lauren Alaina released new music, but that's about to change. The American Idol Season 10 runner-up says that her sophomore album is almost ready to be shared with her loyal fans.

"I’m so excited," Alaina gushes to The Boot. "I don’t have a release date or anything, but I just finished it. It’s been with the mixer, so we’ve been going back and forth, trying to get all of the tweaks worked out. It’s finished, and we’re about to start touring again and promoting it. We’re going to drop the single soon, and then the album will come out after that."

Alaina only wrote one song on her freshman Wildflower record, but her sophomore project includes almost all songs that the 20-year-old had a hand in penning.

"There’s 12 songs on the album, and I wrote all of them but one," she reveals. "I had plenty of time to work on it. I worked on it for about two years."

While Alaina isn't certain of a release date, she does divulge that her first single will be available within a few months.

"I hate to say dates, because I always pin myself," she concedes, "but late summer/early fall for the single."

The Georgia native had vocal cord surgery last year, which gave her both a break from touring and the chance to focus on her new project. And while surgery of any kind is generally not something to look forward to, Alaina says that her time off "was the best growing experience I’ve ever had."

"Out of everything I’ve ever done, I had time to figure myself out, come into my sound," she explains. "I’m excited for people to hear it. It’s a new me."

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