With their early singles "Born to Love You" and "Greatest Love Story," off of the album Hallelujah Nightsup-and-coming country five-piece Lanco wanted to show fans who they are. Those songs describe their values, the kinds of towns they come from and the sort of love stories they prize in their own lives. Now that the group has gotten fans' attention, though, what will Lanco share with listeners next? The Boot recently caught up with the group's frontman, Brandon Lancaster, to find out.

"I want to get to know as many people as possible on a personal level, but that's not possible all that often," explains Lancaster, who tries to hang out with fans at meet and greets after shows and on the road but finds that it's typically a very quick interaction. Therefore, he adds, "The way people get to know you is through your music."

While Lanco's first two singles explore pretty similar turf -- they're simple, melodic love ballads that tell stories of happy couples from small towns -- Lancaster says the group plans to release songs that showcase different aspects of life.

"If there's a breakup song, well, I never get to talk to a fan about what it's like going through a breakup, so the song is a way to do that," he says. "If it's a party song, I don't actually get to hang out at a bar and talk with these people, so I might as well do it through a song.

"I think that each song is a different way for people to get to know us," Lancaster continues. "That's one thing that we really worked hard on. There are a lot of different messages, and a lot of different phases of life, on this album."

Lanco will also have the chance to get to know fans in person this summer. The group announced in January that they will be joining Brothers Osborne and Dierks Bentley for Bentley's 2018 Mountain High Tour, which begins in May.

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