What happens when five small-town musicians get together and make an album? In the case of Lanco, it's a quickly rising country hit ... and an upcoming debut album named Hallelujah Nights.

Lanco consists of five talented musicians: leader Brandon Lancaster, bassist Chandler Baldwin, multi-instrumentalist Jared Hampton, drummer Tripp Howell and lead guitarist Eric Steedly; we're pretty sure you already know them from their first No. 1 hit, "Greatest Love Story." They all hail from little towns across the South, and out of their experiences, the band draws an upbeat mix of nostalgia and rebellion, equal parts traditional country and rock 'n' roll.

"We all go through more of the same experiences than we realize, and songwriting is a process of observing those moments,” notes Lancaster. “Our stories have different people, different names, different places, but they all have the same emotions attached to them. It's not fantasy-related. To me, this album is about glorifying the reality of life.”

Read on to learn more about Lanco's debut disc.

The Title

Hallelujah Nights takes its title from its final track. The gospel-fueled anthem is the culmination of the small-town experience that the entire album offers.

"It's been awhile since I've seen your smile / Light up the night like a firefly," Lanco sing in "Hallelujah Nights. "Honey, we're too young to be siting somewhere doing nothing / Let's get out there while we're still / Young and wild / 'Cause these are the hallelujah nights / These are the best days of our lives."

The Release Date

Set to drop on Jan. 19, Hallelujah Nights is Lanco's first full-length major-label record. It follows an EP that they released in April of 2016 and is available for pre-order now.

The Record Label

Lanco signed with Sony Music Nashville in 2015.

The Album Cover

Lanco Hallelujah Nights
Arista Nashville

The album cover of Hallelujah Nights features Lanco's five members standing in front of a column-like geologic formation.

The Producer

Legendary producer Jay Joyce, who has worked with artists such as Little Big Town, Zac Brown Band and Emmylou Harris, helmed of Lanco's debut project.

The Singles

"Greatest Love Story" was on Spotify and attracting listeners long before its official release as a single in March of 2017 -- but when it was featured in the Netflix original comedy The Ranch, one of the network's Top 5 quickly binged shoes, the sentimental tune found a whole new fan following. Written entirely by Lancaster for his then-girlfriend (now-wife) the feel-good love song became an instant favorite, and has already been certified gold.

"They said I was nothing but a troublemaker / Never up to no good / You were the perfect all-American girl / Wouldn't touch me even if you could / But you were sneaking out your window every night, riding shotgun in my car ..." goes the first verse of "Greatest Love Story," painting an all-American, Jack-and-Diane story, brought home by the chorus: "'Cause I was gonna be your forever / And you were gonna be my wife / We didn't know any better / Didn't have a clue about life / But I was what you wanted, you were what I needed / And we could meet in between / We were gonna be the greatest love story this town had ever seen."

In early January, Lanco released "Born to Love You" as their second single from Hallelujah Nights.

The Songs

All penned in part or entirely by Lancaster, the 11 tracks on Hallelujah Nights draw on the authenticity of the singer-songwriter's experiences. From the nostalgia of "Greatest Love Story" to the rousing anthem that is "We Do," to the gospel feel of "Hallelujah Nights," Lanco's songs cover the spectrum of human emotions in rural America.

Lanco, Hallelujah Nights Track Listing:

1. "Born to Love You" (Brandon Lancaster/Ross Copperman/Ashley Gorley/Josh Osborne)
2. "Long Live Tonight" (Brandon Lancaster/Jason Reeves)
3. "Pick You Up" (Brandon Lancaster/Jeremy Spillman/Ben West)
4. "Greatest Love Story" (Brandon Lancaster)
5. "We Do" (Brandon Lancaster)
6. "Trouble Maker" (Brandon Lancaster/Jay Joyce/Jeremy Spillman)
7. "Singin' at the Stars" (Brandon Lancaster/Jeremy Spillman)
8. "Win You Over" (Brandon Lancaster)
9. "So Long (I Do)" (Brandon Lancaster/Melissa Fuller/Jay Joyce)
10. "Middle of the Night" (Brandon Lancaster)
11. "Hallelujah Nights" (Brandon Lancaster/Jay Joyce/Jeremy Spillman)

The Tour

Although Lanco are not officially on tour behind Hallelujah Nights, details about Lanco's upcoming tour dates are available on their website.

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