Lady Antebellum are starting to pull together their upcoming headline tour based around the song, 'We Owned the Night,' from their upcoming album.

"We took that title and made it into the present tense, 'We Own the Night,' as a call to action for our fans to live in this moment," Lady A's Dave Haywood explains to The Boot. "This is the same feeling we have as a band. With all the success that's come our way, we want to enjoy every single moment and not get caught in just the accolades. The reason we do what we do is for the people who come to see us and buy our records. We don't want to forget it and have it go away."

Hillary Scott says putting together a show taps into a new creative side. "Luckily there are brilliant stage designers in our future, and it's important to get someone who has the same vision as we do for the live show," she says. "Our vision is to make it intimate. There are going to be certain moments where we bring the audience in and have that banter back and forth with the audience."

"We'd love to have a mix of it all," adds Charles Kelley. "We want it exciting, but we want to have a moment to get close to the fans, slow it down a little bit, show them how appreciative we are that they like our music. It would be like stripping down a layer off the top of us for them to see."

The trio post a video on their website each week, which has given fans a chance to really get to know them as individuals. Hillary says she hopes that the audience will be able to see their personality onstage just as they see it in the webisodes.

"We want to bridge that online presence where fans get to see the ins and outs of our personality, because if we get onstage and don't have that, they are going to be like, 'Wait, where did they go? We see them every week -- Hillary is a goofball, Charles sings all the time, even in the bathroom.' There are all these things they want to see, and that's what we want to bring to them on tour."

Before the headline tour, the band will release a new album called 'Own the Night,' which they have been working on since January 1.

"We were in the studio for four months straight, and then we went to the Grammys," Dave says. "When we got back from the Grammys, we had this renewed energy so we decided to cancel a couple things and stay in the studio and spend as much time as we could with the new music."

Charles explains that's when the song 'We Own the Night' became more than just a track on the project. "That was the concept we wanted for the album, and a lot of the songs have that theme of being in the moment. But we also hope that the tour will hold those special moments for our fans, that when they come to see us, they can enjoy the evening with us and that night will be something they'll always remember. We want to take that concept out on the road to our fans, to 'own the night' and live in the moment, and hopefully that is what we can do."

Lady Antebellum will go from east to west in the next week, playing Roanoke Rapids, N.C. on June 18, then heading for Grand Junction Colo. on June 23. Then they hit the Midwest, going to Manhattan, Kan. on June 24, Oshkosh, Wis. on June 25 and Cadott, Wis. on June 26.