Who hasn't ended a relationship -- romantic or platonic -- and then analyzed what went wrong? With 'Wanted You More,' Lady Antebellum do just that, waxing poetic on the highly typical situation of the object of one's affection not reciprocating with equally strong feelings. It's a retrospective tune that even nods to the trio's mega-hit 'Need You Now' with lines such as "I don't need you, I don't need you anymore."

Lady A's Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott explain how the song is a sequel of sorts -- and also somewhat of an accidental hit -- thanks to some "noodling" by their road bandmates, who share writing credits on the tune.

Kelley: One of the cool things is that we wrote ['Wanted You More'] during soundcheck with our band. They were just up there noodling around, and we were like, 'That sounds really cool.' We started on this melody and then went back to the dressing room and wrote this song. That's what makes it special for us.

It's funny, after listening to the song more and more, it felt like it's almost the next stage of 'Need You Now.' It's like you're past that ... I guess you wanted me more than I wanted you. I don't need this anymore. It's cool to be continuing that story a little bit.

Scott: That song, with the instrumentation and lyrics, it makes me sad to sing it. But the lyrics, everybody -- whether we want to admit it or not -- has been in a place where we cared about someone more than they cared about us. It's a vulnerable thing to admit. It's definitely emotional.