Hillary Scott, one-third of red-hot group Lady Antebellum, is enjoying plenty of perks of life on the road, including the freedom to be single! Thanks to their busy touring schedule, she doesn't have the luxury of staying in one place too long, which suits her just fine.

"It's definitely fun to be single," Scott tells The Boot. "It's nice to go out on dates and be like, 'Gotta go for a couple days and I'll be back!' I'm just living my life and having a blast."

Not all of her bandmates are on the same page. Co-lead singer Charles Kelley proposed to his longtime girlfriend, publicist Cassie McConnell, on Christmas Day. And while Scott admits that it might be an adjustment, she is thrilled for the couple.

"I'm sure the dynamic will change a little bit, but Cassie is unbelievable. I love her to death," Scotts says of McConnell. "The greatest thing is that they both understand each other and what they do, so that's only gonna help when we're gone a lot ... Of course, he's responsible for someone else now for the rest of his life, which is such a beautiful thing, but he can balance it all. I'm excited for him. Charles has had the year of his life!"

In spite of how close-knit the band members are, Kelley didn't feel the need to discuss his engagement plans with them ahead of time. "He's a little sneaky one," Scott tells us. "We kind of felt it coming, because they had just recently gotten a little more serious, and just the way he would talk about her ... But then he called me on Christmas and was like, 'I'm engaged!'"

Though the trio haven't figured out the logistics of adding a spouse on the road, Scott is hopeful that it can be arranged. "They're gonna want to be together as much as they can, and I just pray that we make enough money that there's room on the bus because there isn't right now. We have 12 people on the road next year. It's gonna be packed!"

And as for the relationship status of the guitar-playing third of Lady A, Dave Haywood? Have no fret, ladies -- he's still single and, according to Scott, a big "flirt."

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title:['Country Couples'],
credit:['Rick Diamond, WireImage for Capitol Records, Getty Images'],
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