Lady Antebellum won big at the Grammys, not just in number but also in prestige, as the country trio took home the all-genre awards for Song of the Year (as songwriters with co-writer Josh Kear) and Record of the Year (as artists) for 'Need You Now.'

"We really wanted to make Nashville and the country music community proud tonight, and I hope that they feel that way," Lady A's Hillary Scott told the Grammy press room following the show. "It just shows that country music is relevant and relatable. I just hope they think we're flying the flag right."

"For us it's all about songwriting, that's the way we started it," Dave Haywood added. "We just love sitting in a room creating music and don't know how to do a lot of bells and whistles. Hopefully we'll just continue to write, and hopefully people will look on that."

Charles equated their success to the song itself. "We've all been there," he said. "When you have someone like my dad who I'm like, 'Don't tell me you relate to that.' And he goes, 'I've been there before.' That's when you know, 'Wow, OK. Everybody's had that moment.' It's not just about the 'I'm a little drunk and I need you now.' It's not this inappropriate thing, it's the desperation thing."

While the song's subject matter may hit home with most of us, Charles also notes that the production is important, as well. "When we wrote that, it didn't mean as much to us until we went in and recorded it," he explained of the song. "[Producer] Paul Worley had created this really haunting track with it. It was a huge collaborative process, and he brought out the best in that song. It's a beautiful thing when a marriage between the music and the lyric work like that, because when we wrote it we didn't think it was anything special at all, to be honest with you. Who would have known?"

With five new gramophones, the trio are the biggest winners of the 2011 Grammy Awards -- a fact that Hillary didn't realize until she was told backstage. "I haven't heard it like that until just now," she said with a laugh. "I mean, humbled is the first word to comes to mind, and blessed, in abundance. Last year for us was the best year of our lives and then to hear the nominations, then to be attending tonight, we just have so much to be thankful for. More than anything this is just inspiring us to work harder and to try and create better music, because we want to be around a while."

"We're working on a new record right now and we're about halfway done," Charles chimed in. "We feel really great about what we've done so far. Dave and I looked at each other after we got in our seats after winning Record of the Year, and it was just one of those surreal moments where we said to each other, 'We've got a lot of work to do.' It inspired us and it did put a little extra pressure, in a good way, of this is our moment to really take this thing and make a great record."

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Lady A Perform 'Need You Now' Live

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