Lady Antebellum will kick off their You Look Good World Tour on May 26, and for their big 2017 summer tour, the country trio tapped hitmaker Kelsea Ballerini and rising star Brett Young as opening acts. As fans may know, Hillary Scott considers Ballerini a close friend, and Lady A are looking forward to having the up-and-comer out on the road with them.

"Hillary threw Kelsea her 21st birthday party. If she had turned us down, that would have been pretty tough," Kelley recently told The Boot and other media members. "I remember the first time I saw [Ballerini perform], I was like, ‘Man, she’s got something.’ You could tell she was kind of green onstage, and now, the amount of growth -- she’s a rock star, man ... She’s starting to really just -- she’s blown up this year, and so you always want someone like that. We’re really lucky."

Lady A also have high hopes for Young, whose first single, "Sleep Without You," topped the country charts.

"A couple years ago, we lucked out [with] Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt; we didn’t know that [Hunt] was going to be as big as he is," Kelley continues. "So, we're hoping Brett Young is going to be our Sam Hunt this year, too .... We heard his first single, and I think it wasn’t in the Top 20, and I was like, ‘I think this guy’s going to be big, man.’"

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But beyond their openers' musical talents and ability to command a crowd onstage, Lady Antebellum have found that it's just as important to be on the road with people they genuinely enjoy being around.

"We love to tour with our friends. It always makes for a really fun environment," says Scott. "The whole culture of our tour is just really easygoing and inclusive ... We’re never the artist that just stays in our bus all day ... We want people with us on the road; especially when it’s months out of the year and 60-plus shows, you want to have fun -- you want to know you’re going to have fun."

Lady Antebellum's new album, Heart Breakwill be released on June 9; the debut single from the record, "You Look Good," is available for download on iTunes. A list of all of the trio's upcoming shows is available on their website.

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