She was booted from 'American Idol' and lost her record deal, but Kristy Lee Cook is not one to be deterred. The tenacious singer is launching a new reality series, 'Goin' Country,' based on her love of music, horses and, perhaps a little more surprisingly, hunting.

"I know a lot of people who watch hunting shows and they get kind of bored with ... the same old thing, in the stand doing this and that," Kristy Lee says (quote via Chicago Press Release) of the show, which airs on the Versus TV network. "So we tried to make it a little more real life with my music life in Nashville, trying to make it as a singer, and my life at home with the horses and barrel racing and my foundation for rescuing horses, and then hunting as well."

Not wanting the show to focus solely on her life, though, Kristy is bringing along some of her celebrity friends for a few of the episodes. Aaron Tippin takes her turkey hunting on his farm outside Nashville, while fellow 'Idol' cast-off Blake Lewis takes her deer hunting in Texas. But it's former labelmate Jake Owen who had perhaps the most memorable experience filming for the show, when he accidentally split his forehead open while sighting in his rifle on a hunt for exotic deer in Missouri with his twin brother Jarrod and Kristy Lee. The macho singer quickly sealed the cut with super glue and continued filming, and has nothing but praise for Kristy Lee, both on and off camera.

"It's pretty wild," Jake says. "She's just like one of the guys, really. She gets out there, whether she's killing deer, riding a four-wheeler or cleaning a deer. Every time I see her she's showing me a picture of some bear she shot out on her farm out in Oregon."

Just because she is spending time in front of the camera doesn't mean Kristy Lee has abandoned her dreams of standing behind a microphone someday. In addition to taping episodes for the show, she is also actively pursuing another record deal, with the help of good friend and writing partner Dean Sams from Lonestar. "I know it [a record deal] will happen," she insists. "It's just a matter of time."

For broadcast information and a sneak peek at 'Goin' Country' episodes, click here.