Kristian Bush is working on his own solo album, but his work with Jennifer Nettles as part of the award-winning duo Sugarland is never far from his mind. The singer-songwriter, who co-wrote most of the songs on their four studio albums, reveals that many of the tunes told one continuous story.

"'Baby Girl,' that was our first single, and she makes it," Bush explains to Broadway's Electric Barnyard. "And then the second song, ['Something More'], she's a little bit older, and she's in her apartment, and she's thinking, this is great, but there's got to be something more than where she is. And so, I've tried to keep stringing it along.

"She didn't even have sex until 'Want To.' And then it took a while," he adds. "You can't start early. You wait until you're an adult. And then, later on,  'All I Want to Do,' she really falls in love."

The Tennessee native reveals that the tale continued all the way to their multi-platinum hit, 'Stuck Like Glue.'

"And then it goes on all the way to 'Stuck Like Glue,' when you're in a relationship, and you feel like maybe there are days where it probably isn't going to work, except you realize that you love them so much, it sticks you together."

With all the thought he puts into penning tunes, Bush admits that there is no exact science to songwriting.

“When you write a hit song, it’s not a hit song when you write it. It’s just a song. And it’s not even a hit song when you record it, or even when they start playing it on the radio, it’s still not a hit,” he tells The Boot. “Like, two years later, they call you, and they’re like, ‘Hey, Kristian, that was totally a hit.’ And I’m like, ‘What did I eat that day?!’”

Bush will play several shows over the next few months on the road, performing songs from his new album. See a list of all of his upcoming shows here.

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