Kristian Bush released his debut single, 'Love or Money,' as a solo artist last year, and now it seems fans won't have to wait much longer for his new album.

Bush, who is half of the award-winning duo, Sugarland, has partnered with renowned producer Byron Gallimore, who produced four of Sugarland's previous albums, to record his solo effort.

“I’m so excited to be working with Byron Gallimore again,” Bush says (quote via Music News Nashville). “I’m constantly surprised at how creative I feel and how innovative he is every time we hit record.”

Gallimore co-owns Streamsound Records, which will release the album.

“After working on four records with Sugarland, I know Kristian’s musical abilities well," Gallimore adds. "He is a great singer, songwriter, and all-around musician. I am thrilled to be working with him on this album and proud to have him as part of our Streamsound Records family. The music he is getting ready to drop on country radio is some of the most exciting I’ve heard in years.”

Bush and his Sugarland partner, Jennifer Nettles, decided to take a break so Nettles could focus on her son, Magnus, as well as her own solo album, 'That Girl,' which was released earlier this year. But the tunesmith acknowledges that the break from the band has actually caused him to be even more creative than ever before.

“In the past two years, this kind of journey has created a prolificness that is changing me somehow,” he tells “I don’t know if it’s permission that has done this, or opportunity, or a combination of all those things, but maybe not being on the road, and also being home and being a dad, and having a studio and having support. I now write 160, 180 songs a year, which is like four a week. I had to build a database just to hold them and remember them, and I love it. And some days it doubles. It’s a fascinating place to be right now. It’s a weird feeling.”

A release date has not been announced for the new album.

In addition to putting the finishing touch on the upcoming set of tunes, Bush is also crossing the country on his own Put Your Soul In It Tour, which heads to Georgia, Pennsylvania and New York later this month. See a list of all of his upcoming shows here.