Kree Harrison has released the music video for her debut single, "This Old Thing."

It's been three years since Harrison's time on American Idol brought her into the spotlight, and the singer is finally releasing some long-awaited music. "This Old Thing" is all about Harrison's vocals, and the simple video, featuring shots of the singer performing the song with her band on a stage that feels more like a blues club that an arena, fits the track well. Though the tune is definitively upbeat, its heavy blues and soul influences make it a far cry from most of the high-tempo country music on the radio.

"This Old Thing" is all about recognizing the little things that create the most happiness in life. Harrison, despite losing both of her parents at a young age, seems to find happiness easily.

“It’s just so much harder to be unhappy. It takes a lot of energy to walk around and feel sorry for yourself or be negative,” she says.  “And it’s draining — not just to you but to other people.”

"This Old Thing" is the title track off of Harrison's upcoming LP, set for release on Plaid Flag Records later this year. Harrison penned nine of the 13 tracks on the project, which will also include a version of the Harlan Howard song "He Called Me Baby."

“This Old Thing” is available for download on iTunes.

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