Kix Brooks is already one half of one of country music's most successful duos of all time, Brooks & Dunn. He's also an award-winning DJ, an established songwriter and the owner of a renowned Tennesse vineyard, and now he is adding actor to his resume. Kix just finished wrapping up a small role in an upcoming movie, 'Thriftstore Cowboy,' and is preparing to start filming another flick, 'The Last Ride,' where he will play the leading man.

"It's really fun," Kix tells ABC News. "You kidding? Every kid wants to play cowboy." 'Thriftstore Cowboy,' which he describes as a "kind of a modern age urban cowboy sort of scenario," was the perfect preparation for his new flick.

"I guess I didn't screw ['Thriftstore Cowboy'] up too bad or they wouldn't have offered me the role in 'The Last Ride," he quips. In the upcoming film, he will play the role of a police officer tricked into helping with a bank robbery that earns him time in the slammer.

But in addition to spending time in front of the cameras, Kix is also logging plenty of time behind the microphone as well, working on his first solo CD since the split. "I'm probably halfway done with it," he says of the new album, that will be released on a Sony imprint. "The label seems real excited about it, so I'm writing a lot of songs. I want it to be as good as I want it to be and I'm not in a hurry and I'm not saying when it's going to come out because when it's done and I'm proud of it, it will come out."

For now, eager fans will have to be content hearing his voice as he hosts American Country Coutndown, which is broadcast on more than 350 stations nationwide. Check local listings here.