In 2017, following the release of his 2016 EP Underground, country singer Kip Moore took a trip to Iceland. An avid traveler, Moore embarked on a number of don't-try-this-at-home extreme nature adventures during that trip.

"There was this one canyon we got to, and it was 'No Trespassing,' and we went through anyway," the singer recalled during a 2017 interview with the syndicated morning show Ty, Kelly & Chuck. "It was a super sketchy hike down, and even more trying to come back up."

Moore has scaled cliffs in Iceland, swam through alligator-infested waters in Central America and entered into a bull ring in the pursuit of great stories and great surfing -- but the country star says his daredevil tendencies lead to better songwriting, too.

"I'm always very aware of what's around me and of trying to soak it all in," Moore explained at a recent press conference. "I think that I'll always be inspired when I go places like [Iceland], because I'm not walking around with blinders. Now, I'm ready to get back in the room with those guys and make a little more magic happen."

Moore has said that his experiences of seeing the world without blinders inspired many of the songs on his 2017 album Slowheart. He traces the earliest incarnation of "More Girls Like You," the hit single off of that album, back to his experiences in Iceland, in fact. Even if he wasn't a country singer, though, he believes that travel, and chasing new experiences, would still be an important part of his life.

"Even before I was doing this, I'd save up money and eat ramen noodles for two months and then go take a trip somewhere," Moore recalls. "To me, it's always been about seeing as much as I could and soaking up as many different cultures as I could take in."

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