Kip Moore has released a music video for his song, "Running for You."

The clip features Moore, as the leading man, and his lady trying to navigate a relationship in their busy lives. It opens up with the pair laying next to a smoldering fire as snow lightly falls. Then, snippets of the two and their adventures start to cut onto the screen: Moore is seen riding a motorcycle, and the woman is shown dancing in the middle of a street. The pair share intimate moments in flashbacks, and viewers see them supporting each other throughout the video.

“Just because a relationship doesn’t work out the way you hoped it would, it doesn’t mean you can’t wish that person all the best, and that’s what I was drawing on in this song,” Moore explains of the tune. “Whenever we’ve played “Running for You” in our set, it always feels like a real ‘moment.’”

Moore invited PJ Brown to direct the "Running for You" music video, taking a chance on his longtime friend, who had never directed anything before.

“... He was the main one pushing me to chase my passion and move to Nashville," says Moore in a press release. "He's been able to document some of my concerts here and there, but we haven't worked together on this level before.

"This song is unlike other songs I’ve released before, and so I wanted the video to be really different from any of my other videos," the singer continues. "PJ was able to bring our vision to life ..."

"Running for You" comes off of Moore's sophomore record, Wild Ones, which is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.