The wait for new Kip Moore music is -- thankfully -- almost over. The 37-year-old's third studio album, Slowheart, will be out on Sept. 8, and he promises that the project will be well worth it.

"I’ve been working on it the last year," Moore tells The Boot. "It’s the most special project that I’ve been involved with, for me so far. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making this record."

Moore says that he has evolved quite a bit since making both his freshman album, Up All Night, and his sophomore record, Wild Ones.

"The first record was a very nostalgic record: I wrote most of that record based on my life growing up in South Georgia, and sonically, I was still figuring things out and trying to figure out how to make a record," Moore explains. "That was my first record, so I loved that record, but as I’ve seen so much more of the world now -- I’ve literally traveled the world, and I’ve seen it with a different set of eyes, and I’ve learned so much -- so if my soul and my heart and my mind’s been awake and matured, I’m going to change, and my music’s going to change.

"My concepts are changing, and musically, I’ve stretched more than I ever have on this [upcoming] record," Moore adds. "There’s lots of influences of my Motown -- my dad playing Motown records -- and classic ‘70s rock that I’ve heard around the house growing up as a kid. So, there’s more colors on this record than definitely the first two."

Moore says that he is also more comfortable with his third record, not just because of what he has experienced but because of what his fans have taught him.

"I’m more at ease making this project than I’ve ever been making one," Moore confesses. "What I learned with the Wild Ones record, which was my second record -- it was not a, per se, commercially successful record like Up All Night was; there wasn’t a lot of radio play. But my fan base tripled in size from that record; it was a huge kind of underground, cult-like record. So what I learned from that record is that the fans told me what they wanted to hear and what they love that I do.

"I was more at ease going in to make this record, knowing that I know my fan base," Moore continues. "I feel like a lot of artists might not know their fan base -- they’re just maybe singing or writing what they’ve been told to write or sing, or the songs they’ve been pitched. I have a very clear vision of what I want to say and do and who my fans are, and I think this record speaks right to them."

Moore will have plenty of chances to play both his new tunes and old favorites over the next few months. His busy concert schedule has him performing all over the United States and Canada, and even at several venues in the UK.

"The live show has been our backbone," Moore notes. "Radio launched us into an amazing thing with the Up All Night record, which was so many radio hits. It gave us the chance to be seen by the masses, and then it was up to us to keep them there, and our live show has really helped us thrive from what radio gave to us."

A list of all of Moore's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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