Being in the music industry can be a tough gig -- but, as Kip Moore has found out, the relationships that you form can be some of the best -- and most surprising -- parts of the journey. When The Boot sat down with Moore before his set at the 2017 Taste of Country Music Festival, the singer was happy to explain.

"My long-time tour manager has stuck with me through thick and thin," Moore says. "I would like to say that [the most surprising part of my career has been] someone like Ryan, that's been with me now for seven years, through the ups and downs -- that they believe in what you're doing; they're sticking in it because you do good by them."

Moore's also ready to experience more of those great, surprising career "ups" that are yet to come -- including playing at certain iconic venues.

"I want to headline Red Rocks one day," Moore says without hesitation, when asked about a goal he has yet to accomplish. As for who he'd like to share the experience with? "I would take the Cadillac Three and Drake White," he says.

Moore will have plenty of chances to play live over the next few months. His busy concert schedule has him performing all over the United States and Canada, and even at several venues in the UK.

“The live show has been our backbone,” Moore tells The Boot. “Radio launched us into an amazing thing with the Up All Night record, which was so many radio hits. It gave us the chance to be seen by the masses, and then it was up to us to keep them there, and our live show has really helped us thrive from what radio gave to us.”

Moore's third studio album, Slowheart, will be out on Sept. 8. A list of all of Moore’s upcoming shows is available on his website.

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