Talk about leaving his fans in suspense! Kip Moore has teased a new song, "Backseat," from his upcoming Wild Ones album, sharing only part of the song, along with a snippet of a sexy, steamy video.

Moore's new clip starts out by showing a quick flash of a passionate embrace between a man and a woman, before switching to a shot of the singer, set against a plain background, retelling what seems to be a long-ago memory though song.

"The two of us in the backseat / Lights off on a back street," Moore sings. "I'd show her, and then she'd show me / Right there, right there in the backseat."

Moore continues the song as a beautiful woman comes into view and starts playfully seducing him while he sings the tune. But fans waiting for the happy ending -- or any kind of ending -- will have to wait a bit longer. The song preview and video end right as the woman rips off Moore's shirt, cutting to an image of the Wild Ones album cover.

The "I'm to Blame" singer has already released a smiliar sneak peek video for the album's title track, and he hints that there may be others as well, as an early present for his loyal fans.

“We had some fun with my fans this weekend, giving them a little teaser of what to expect from the videos, and they freaked,” Moore says. “The videos were a great way for me to express some of my favorite songs off the album, and each one is so unique from the other that I feel like they really encapsulate the different layers of this record.”

Wild Ones will be available on Friday (Aug. 21). It is available for pre-order at

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