Fans will get to see Kid Rock's signature hard-rocking and fun-loving side during an upcoming episode of The Big Interview With Dan Rather -- but they'll also get to see a deeper side of the singer. The Boot's readers can click play above to get an exclusive sneak peek at some of Rather's interview with Rock.

During his episode of The Big Interview, Rock discusses a wide range of topics with Rather, from his love for hip-hop music to his spiritual beliefs -- he even debuts a new song! While recalling his early start, DJ-ing parties in rougher neighborhoods of his Michigan hometown, Rock says that those experiences made a huge impact on both his professional and personal life.

“It was rebellious, and fun, and great, and I was learning a lot that I didn’t even realize at the time," Rock tells Rather, an iconic journalist and former news anchor for CBS Evening News"Everything that I had [been] soaking in taught me how to be a more worldly person in a lot of ways, just to be able to see a lot of different sides of things and be able to judge people, judge cultures, judge things, and be a little more open-minded about it.”

Even from his early days, music has played an imperative role in Rock's life, not only in his career, but in helping him through hard times.

“Several times in my life when I’ve been very down, very hurt, I’ve always gone back to my first love: music. It's always worked out pretty well," the artist says. "And it’s another cliché that I believe wholeheartedly: When you’re in a terrible space or your heart hurts, for whatever reason, you write good songs, as terrible as that is."

Rock's vulnerability and honesty during his episode of The Big Interview stand out ... almost as much as the famous oddball, hard-partying attitude that fans have come to know and love through songs such as 1999's "Cowboy" and 2008's "All Summer Long." That equally introspective and laid-back attitude is perfectly encapsulated in the above clip, when Rather asks Rock a rather existential question: "Who is Kid Rock?"

"Somebody who likes to have fun, who likes to treat people kind [and] have a great time. [Who] stands up for what he believes in at all costs," Rock says in all seriousness, before touching on his zany side: "I like to jerk people's chains a little bit. It's just fun for me."

Kid Rock's episode of The Big Interview With Dan Rather will air on AXS TV on Tuesday (Feb. 14) at 8PM ET. The episode kicks off the show's fifth season; previously, The Big Interview has featured country artists such as Dolly Parton, Florida Georgia Line, Tanya Tucker and Rascal Flatts.

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