Bro-country: It's a term that surfaced in 2013 and has been loved and embraced (and hated and dismissed) by many in the country music industry. Florida Georgia Line are one duo that is often labeled as bro-country, and in this exclusive interview clip, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard give their take on the term and what it means to them.

The duo spoke with Dan Rather for his The Big Interview, and the journalist asked the guys some tough questions about bro-country.

When asked what the term actually means, Kelley answers, "I'm not really sure. I don't know if I've got the exact definition. But, somebody coined it, and you know what? We'll take whatever. Because as long as people are showin' up, lovin' our music, having an experience, and we're creating moments they're not gonna forget, and they're livin' out our music night after night, we're blessed as can be, man.

"There's no label that can really hurt our feelings," he adds. "Some people say that may be a negative thing, bro-country, but every night we look out, we see thousands and thousands of fans that are happy and partying and enjoying."

Kelley's correct: The term bro-country has certainly gotten a bad rap, but as Taste of Country points out, it often seems to be “anything sung by a country male that I don’t like.” Still, that doesn't bother FGL in the least.

"Whatever it is, we're having a good time, and the fans are [too]," Kelley says, "so you can't argue with that."

Adds Hubbard, "Everybody has their own opinion, and it's so interesting because some people can say bro-country is a brotherhood, and it's a good thing, and then some people can say bro-country means that there's only male artists out there, which is also false, or that country is dominated by males.

"At this current week, yeah, there is more males than females, but I don't know if that makes it bro-country," he continues. "And some people can say it's a sound, a sonic definition. But everybody has a different view of what these words mean."

The "Sippin' on Fire" hitmakers won't have much time to mull over the many meanings of bro-country this summer. They just announced the launch of their own music publishing company, Tree Vibez Music, and are currently on the road for their 2015 Anything Goes Tour.

FGL's full interview with Rather will air on AXS on May 12, at 8PM ET.

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