With a career that has him filling stadiums this summer, and has also afforded the opportunity to put out not one, but two greatest hits collections (and all killer, no filler at that!) Kenny Chesney has been able to stretch his creative muscle as an artist. Still, Kenny says there are plenty of things he'd like to do with his music.

"It might not be the most commercial at times," Kenny tells Gibson.com. "I'm still going to make records with a lot of guitars but I do want to make an acoustic record someday. You can't always be afforded those luxuries when you have your foot on the gas pedal like I have it now."

But don't expect the superstar to go all "Chris Gaines" on us, and create a head-scratching alter ego like Garth Brooks did in the late '90s.

"God, no," says Kenny, no doubt to the relief of millions of fans. "If I make a record it will have my name on it. I'm not going to wear a wig and I'm not going to use a fake name."

No matter what he decides to do over the next few years, the 41-year-old can't help but look a few years down the road. Asked what he'd like to be doing at age 70, Kenny says, "I hope I'm still writing songs. I hope that I'm happy, not that I'm not. I hope I'm in a place in my life where there's clarity and a lot of friends and I'm still making music people want to hear. I hope that I can look at myself in the mirror and be proud."