So long, frigid February. Kenny Chesney gives us a scorching hot escape with his brand-new "Pirate Flag" video, making its world premiere right here on The Boot!

"I spent my whole life running around / Still let the wind kinda blow me around / Well I dropped a note in a bottle / To a long legged model / And I traded it in for a whole 'nother world / A pirate flag and an island girl," the country superstar sings in the chorus of this anthemic ode to carefree rebellion.

Watch the "Pirate Flag" video below to see those lyrics come to life, as Kenny tips his hat to some of his favorite things: sun, sand, beautiful women and the No Shoes Nation fans who've been with him tour after sold-out tour.

Watch Kenny Chesney's 'Pirate Flag' Video

Directed by Shaun Silva, the "Pirate Flag" video shows Kenny pulling what he humorously likens to a "Ferris Bueller" move. Leaving work behind, he's having a blast in the Caribbean -- swimming, sail-boarding, and rocking out on the beach. The singer's beloved old blue chair even makes a cameo appearance ... in a bit of an unexpected place!

The multi-platinum-selling musician's co-stars in the clip are some of the most beautiful video vixens in country music -- and aren't just pretty faces hired by casting agents. These "long-legged models" are actually the singer's friends. "Those are girls I know from the island who did the very thing this song is about," Kenny explains, "and that freedom from what's expected just makes them shine."

Written by David Lee Murphy and Ross Copperman, "Pirate Flag" is the first single from Kenny's Life on a Rock album, which is due in stores April 30. (Pre-order the album here.) "No matter how you live, there is that part of you that yearns to be free, to say, 'What the hell ...' and just do what you want to do! That's what this song is all about," says Kenny. "You can just say, 'Enough,' even if it's only in your mind, while you're watching your boss' mouth move and are dreaming of whatever gets you off ... You can fly your pirate flag in your head, tack it up behind your computer at work, tattoo it under your skin – and no one has to know."

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