Kenny Chesney has released the music video for his most recent single, "Noise."

The chaotic clip is a complete 180 from Chensey's usual easygoing, beach-y style, featuring flashing visions of what the singer feels is happening inside all of our heads today -- simply put, too much. From commercials to cartoons to talking heads, we're constantly inundated with information, and to Chesney, all of that "noise" isn't a particularly good thing.

"I feel like in my own life that I've lost a bit of human connection," the singer tells Rolling Stone Country. "We communicate in such a fast pace, and there's this addiction to communication with all the devices we have. I notice it with my friends in our social time: if you have five seconds to yourself, you're looking at your phone to see if someone texted."

Chesney continues, "[The video] captures what was rolling around in my head, even in the initial conversation when we were writing. It really captured what I was thinking and the essence of how we can get lost in this fog and be drowned by all of it. "

Chesney wrote "Noise" with Shane McAnally during a time of frustration with the state of media and the lack of human connectivity. The track ended up becoming a last-minute addition to his upcoming album, Some Town Somewhere. The singer and director Shaun Silva are definitely making a statement with "Noise" and its accompanying video, but Chesney's attempting to do so without being too harsh on viewers. Still, the message comes across loud and clear.

"I had to walk a fine line here, because it would've been easy to preach and tell people what to think or what to do," Chesney says. "We were able to bring in politics without being political. We were able to show a lot of things without painting ourselves into a corner. That's the thing I'm most proud of in writing this song: We're not preaching to anyone, we're just making a statement about the way we live. The message is to try to be mindful of it. If you love someone, tell them you love them. Don't text it to them! There is so much life to be lived outside our phones."

Some Town Somewhere is set for release on July 8.

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