Kenny Chesney has announced that his next studio album, titled 'Hemingway's Whiskey,' is due in stores on Sept. 28. The islands-inspired 'Lucky Old Sun' was released in 2008, while his last true studio release was 2007's 'Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates.'

Taking his time to record the new album and focus on other recent projects, including the big-screen concert film, 'Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D,' and the football documentary 'Boys of Fall' rather than mounting a stadium tour this year, Kenny says the new album sets the stage for the next phase of his music.

"I knew I wanted the record to be something more, something that took what I do in my special projects and weaved it into what I do for the mainstream," says the multi-award-winning superstar. "It takes a lot of energy and mental space to be on the road."

Kenny says the song from the pen of legendary singer-songwriter Guy Clark was a perfect candidate to become the album's title track. "I was sitting in my truck and a friend had given me Guy's album, which had just come out. It's a song that talks about living life to its fullest, being a man about your responsibilities and not compromising. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to cut it -- and call the album that -- because it says everything about the way you live your life, and what life can be if you refuse to buy into limits, which, as someone who's read all his books, is everything Hemingway's novels revolved around."

Further details -- regarding guest artists on the album, and other surprises Kenny has in store -- are sure to emerge in the coming weeks. Rock artist Grace Potter recently revealed she and Kenny were working on a collaboration but it's not yet known whether that will be a part of Kenny's upcoming release.