Kelsea Ballerini is assuring fans she's doing just fine after a Wednesday night (June 28) show in Boise, Idaho, where she was struck in the face with an object that someone in the crowd threw onstage.

"I'm fine," the singer writes in her caption, sharing a string of photos showing other moments from the show.

"Let's just do a better job of keeping each other safe at shows. Ily."

Fan-filmed video shows the scary incident, which happened when Ballerini was in the middle of performing her song, "If You Go Down (I'm Goin' Down Too)." A small item was lobbed onstage, and the singer immediately recoiled from the microphone with her hand over her face.

She tried to rally, but ultimately had to take a brief break off-stage before returning to finish her set.

From the video, it's not exactly clear what it was that hit Ballerini in the face. While the singer was off-stage recovering, someone came out to address the crowd and explained that the object was a friendship bracelet, according to fan-filmed video.

When she re-emerged, Ballerini addressed the incident and reminded the crowd to make sure that her concerts were safe spaces for everybody — especially concert-goers.

"Don't throw things. You know?" she remarked, speaking directly to the person who threw the item. "I just want shows of mine — every show, for every artist — but I'm in control of this one, and I just want it to be a safe space for everyone. We have little kids here. Can you help me do that tonight, please?"

Ballerini's Idaho stop was part of her Heartfirst Tour, which has two shows left on the books. She'll wrap the trek on July 1 in Phoenix, Ariz.

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