Kelsea Ballerini decided to give fans a unique way of finding out her tour plans for the coming year.

In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Ballerini revealed that the images she's shared to help promote the release her upcoming record, Kelsea, are hiding some important information. Fans were able to decipher the album's track listing through a close examination of photos shared on her Instagram account, but Ballerini says there's still some information they've missed.

"Every single, you know how it's kind of like a yearbook photo almost, and the things on the side — the title," Ballerini told Taste of Country. "There's clues on all of it."

Apparently, there's been information hidden in the cover art for each of her previously-announced singles, the singer reveals.

"People are asking me if I'm touring -- it's, there's already an answer that exists," she adds with a laugh, when pressed for more details about the other clues hidden in plain sight.

So far, fans haven't been able to find her 2020 tour plans, but they may already be outdated. Depending on when they are scheduled, many may end up getting postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Ballerini was scheduled to perform at the 2020 Tortuga Music Festival on April 19, but that has been moved to the weekend of Oct. 2.

Ballerini will not be making public appearances or performances to celebrate the release of Kelsea this week, which comes out on March 20. The country star shared a video on her social media accounts to share her thoughts on the situation.

"I really wanted there to be so many moments and opportunities for me, face to face, to play these songs for you for the first time and hug as many of you as possible," she said. "I really promise that when everything that's happening right now passes and calms down, we will bring all of our plans back to life."

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