Kelly Clarkson just released her Piece by Piece album on March 3, but the singer has revealed that she is already working on a new album -- and this time, it's a country record.

"I’ve actually been creating both albums, a country one and this one at the same time," Clarkson reveals to Time. "I’ve been working on both projects simultaneously."

The 32-year-old says that doing both country and pop music makes sense for her.

"I’m both people," she explains. "I have everything on my iPad from country to R&B to pop to rock. I listen to classical as well. I had a pop record left on my contract, so we decided to put this one out first. It’s probably my best pop album that I’ve ever put out, maybe because we had a lot of time to work on it because I was pregnant!

"But I will have a country album that will come out," Clarkson continues. "I always tell people I might do Broadway one day, I might do an R&B album. I just like music. It doesn’t just stop at just one genre. That’s what’s cool about pop -- it encompasses all of it because it’s whatever is popular."

Clarkson, who has released remixes of some of her biggest hits, opening them up to a whole new audience, notes that she is particularly fond of a dance version of one of her early hits, "Since U Been Gone."

"We just did that version at a club in London that we performed at on Valentine’s Day," she says. "We did the dance version. We loved it, my band and I. And there will be remixes for [Piece By Piece]. There’s already a few of "Heartbeat Song" and "Take You High" and "Dance With Me." That’s what’s awesome about music: Everybody likes everything, not just one type of genre.

"Why would you want the same song 13 times on an album?" Clarkson adds. "Life is a roller coaster ride of all these different emotions, not just one."

Download Piece By Piece on iTunes.