Kellie Pickler was named 'Dancing With the Stars' champion on Tuesday (May 21), with many saying she bagged the win with an emotional freestyle routine on Monday. After that show, when the audience had left and Pickler was relaxing on the dance floor, husband Kyle Jacobs surprised her with a new puppy.

"We were sitting out there on the dance floor after everything was over," she tells Xfinity, "and [Kyle] comes over and he's carrying this little bag and he opens it and there's this little Maltese in there and I was like, 'What's this?' And he's like, 'It's for you.' I was like 'Awww!'"

Previously, Jacobs passed on a chance to get Pickler a puppy at a charity event. A similar Maltese was being auctioned. "I was looking at my husband, like, 'You better raise that paddle! I want this puppy!' And he didn't!"

Jacobs tells Us Weekly that the dog's temporary name is Tango, but that may not stick. He may be the next to do a tango, however -- Jacobs has agreed to take dance classes with his wife. Pickler explains, "I told him that if he didn't take dance classes with me, I'd have to find a rent-a-husband!"

The singer gets a little break before returning to the road. She has a May 29 show scheduled in Youngstown, Ohio.


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