Keith Urban doesn't talk about his tattoos often, but for his latest webisode, the Aussie spills some details on his storied, avian ink. Turns out that the eagle over his right shoulder blade is a personal emblem for his appreciation for America.

"I got an eagle because I was in America," the country star recalls of his early days in the U.S. "I had just been spending time here, I was single and I thought, it's my birthday, I want to give myself a cool gift. I thought the eagle just seemed perfect. It was American, I had my freedom, and it was something that would be on this journey with me for my whole life."

Keith seems to relate to his fierce, feathered friends -- in life and in business. Earlier this summer, Keith released his own 'Phoenix' fragrance for men and subsequently explained the significance of the Phoenix tattoo on his left arm.

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"I've always loved symbolism and mythology, the symbolism of the phoenix being something that succumbs to the challenges and burns in the fire, but then is resurrected from the ashes and rises up even stronger than before," Keith told Women's Wear Daily. "The 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' story of the phoenix ... I can relate very strongly to that, going through hard times and coming out the other end of it much stronger for the experience."

The CMA nominee's tattoos don't stop there. He has a "Nicole" tattoo with hearts on his right bicep and a Celtic symbol with initials NMK on his right wrists in honor of his wife, actress Nicole Kidman. That second Nicole tribute ink covered up an older tattoo that read "Omni Vincit Amor," Latin for "Love Conquers All."