Let Keith Urban's tale about missing his opportunity to jam with Prince serve as a cautionary tale to always say yes to a party invitation -- even if you're tired.

Urban tells Taste of Country Nights that in 2012, while he was coaching the Australian version of The Voice, Prince was touring that country. Fellow coach Seal learned of an after-show party that the musical icon was throwing at a small club and invited Urban along -- and the country star was game, until he found out the timing.

“Midnight? 1AM? I'm like, 'Nah,'” he recalls saying. “I was jet-lagged. I was like, 'No, I won’t be able to make that.' So I blew it off."

Boy, was that a bad idea.

“The next day I was on the set, and I said to Seal, ‘What happened last night?’" Urban recounts. "He goes, ‘It was awesome! Prince played for three hours, I got up and sang. It’s a pity you didn't come; you could have got up and jammed with us as well.’”

Urban's story is just one of the many that musicians from all different genres have been sharing since the news of Prince's death broke on Thursday (April 21). Stars have offered up open letters, social media remembrance and numerous other tributes to the legendary artist.

Prince was born Prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis on June 7, 1958. He released 29 studio albums throughout his career, won seven Grammys and one Oscar and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. He was 57 at the time of his death.

Country Stars Remember Prince