Keith Urban iTunes Originals, which debuted at the online retailer July 21, gives fans a chance to hear six newly recorded live in-studio songs from the superstar, including three from his latest chart-topping album, 'Defying Gravity.'

Also included are never-before-heard interview clips, with Keith reminiscing about his early days as a musician, revealing what it was like to earn his first Grammy Award, and how much he loves his job.

"People don't understand that when we walk out on stage and people say that the music makes them feel this incredible way, that the audience has the same effect on me," says Keith, who's currently climbing the charts with 'Only You Can Love Me This Way.' "I feel touched when I see people singing along with the songs and you just see the love, the want and the joy and the fact that they're so with you in the moment. It's a really blessed job that I have that I get to see that."

And although Keith's 'Sweet Thing' conjures of images of a "love struck Romeo" and a certain Oscar-winning actress, Keith reveals the deeper meaning behind his 11th No. 1 hit, saying, "It's a beautiful thing to keep that fire alive with your partner, your job, with everything. We shouldn't have to lose things to have an appreciation for them. It takes us seeing somebody on television [who has] just lost a life and we see the family left behind and we suddenly think, 'Oh my god, what if that happened to me?' It shouldn't take that. It should only take remembering what it was like; the very first date, the first time they called you back and suddenly boom you're right there."

Check out Keith Urban's iTunes Originals here.