Keith Urban and Eric Church performed their new single "Raise 'Em Up" together during a showcase at the 2015 Country Radio Seminar.

Before the two started singing, Urban playfully asked how much sleep new dad Church has been getting. Church's second son, Tennessee Hawkins, was born on Feb. 15.

"It's like back in the club days," Church quipped. "Without the drugs."

Urban says he knew right away that he wanted Church to sing "Raise 'Em Up," which appears on Urban's Fuse album, with him.

“It’s such a cinematic song as well, and I’ve always considered Eric to be a very cinematic artist,” Urban says. "I sent him the song, and he was in the studio immediately. I’m so glad he wanted to be a part of it because it took the song to a new place.”

The Aussie also debuted a new song, "John Cougar, John Deere and John 3:16," at the CRS showcase. Urban has revealed that he is working on a new album, but there's no word on if the tune will be on it.

“I’m sort of doing the preliminary work of figuring out what the next record is," Urban says. "It’s reaching out and talking with people about working with them in the studio, different writers. It’s just lots of ideas and tinkering right now.”

Church performed a brand-new song as well. The track is about his grandfather's diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease, when Church was only 10 years old.

“The hardest thing was to have a relationship when that person doesn’t remember you,” he says, adding that the song "may never be recorded."

"Raise 'Em Up" is available for download on iTunes.

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