Keith Urban is rested and ready after a few days off at home in Nashville, following a nonstop promotional tour for his new album, 'Get Closer.' He'll spend the holiday in Dallas, Texas, where he'll make a Thanksgiving Day half-time performance at the Cowboys' game versus the New Orleans Saints. His set, which will air live on FOX-TV, will also serve as the kick-off to the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign.

While in Dallas, cameras will roll on the superstar for a special NFL documentary, 'Keith Urban: Half-time in Real Time,' catching Keith in action from his arrival in the city to the moment he leaves to go back home. The show, which will also give a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on the super half-time show, is set to air on the NFL Network Saturday, November 27 at 10:30 PM ET.

Keith discovered his love for the game (and, especially, the Tennessee Titans) when he began dating his wife, actress Nicole Kidman. "She's a passionate, giant supporter," explains the entertainer. "She's a big NFL fan, and she sort of turned me on to it. Since I'm from Australia, it was all sort of new to me."

Last week, Keith was all over the tube as he performed on NBC's 'Today Show,' the 'CBS Early Show' and taped a special performance of his latest single, 'Put You in a Song,' for the 'Oprah Winfrey Show,' which is scheduled to air November 30.

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