Katie Armiger's new album, 'Confessions of a Nice Girl,' includes several tracks co-written by Sarah Buxton, who knows a thing or two about being a nice girl in a sometimes not-so-nice business herself. Sarah went through a few trying years before finally seeing her solo album released by her record label, so she had plenty of wisdom to share with 19-year-old Katie as Katie put together her latest CD. The thing that most impressed Katie about the songwriter of the Grammy-winning Keith Urban hit, 'Stupid Boy,' was her great attitude.

"I think what sets Sarah apart so much is her outlook on life," Katie tells the Boot. "I asked 'how are you always happy and always up,' and she said it was because she was unhappy at one point in her life and she looked up and decided that nothing was going to bring her down and she was not gonna deal with that anymore. That no matter what happened or what situation came up, whether her boyfriend broke up with her, or she lost everything, or whatever, that she was going to think positively on the situation and be genuinely happy for other people no matter what happens. Maybe that is why she is the way she is."

And perhaps that positive attitude explains some of the inspiration behind the title track of Katie's album. 'Nice Girl,' a song Sarah co-wrote, is a tongue-in-cheek tune about being sweet and keeping a smile on your face, even when life throws you unexpected curve balls. Katie says the song definitely describes Sarah's personality, and adds that since working with her, she's taken Sarah's attitude to heart.

"I got some advice from Sarah from knowing her and writing with her so much, and it was mainly just be yourself," says Katie. "I know every person says that, but if you're not true to yourself and your music, and you're not doing something you absolutely love, your fans can tell, and you're never gonna be happy yourself."

Although she's learning to remain true to herself and to be fearless in her music endeavors, Katie admits she has her limits. She recently tweeted, "Somebody had me open up a box where a fake spider jumps onto your hand. I'm embarrassed to say I started crying. I. Hate. Spiders."

Watch Katie's video for 'Best Song Ever' below.

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