Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson, who will celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary later this year, are marking the lucky number with a second album of duets. The Australian country stars' Wreck and Ruin hit stores this week. Kasey hopes the project will give fans insight into their marriage.

"There's a certain sound that we create when it's only the two of us. We could not create that on any other solo album, or with any other artist," she explains. "It's something that we've realized is really quite special. There are a lot of songs on this album that I don't think we could sing if we weren't married."

The new album follows 2008's collaborative Rattlin' Bones, which was a huge success in Australia and prompted a three year tour in support of the music. Similar to its predecessor, Wreck and Ruin features Kasey and Shane's haunting harmonies accompanied by banjo-driven, country-bluegrass melodies.

"When we were recording it and Shane was talking to the band, he said, 'It's very traditional but not conventional.' And I thought, 'Yeah, that hits the nail on the head for me'" Kasey recalls. "This album is a lot more traditional than any other album that Shane and I have made, together or apart. And it's got a lot more of the old-timey type of sounds on it. But there's something that's not conventional – obviously it doesn't sound like an album from back then, but it draws from it."

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