Julianne Hough may be doing some fancy footwork while filming her new movie 'Footloose,' but apparently she's been missing her former 'Dancing With the Stars' gig quite a bit lately. Her brother, Derek, recently admitted that his little sis is itching to go toe-to-toe with him again in the ballroom, and has all but thrown down a challenge, even though she's currently tied up acting.

Derek tells Access Hollywood that before Julianne found out she would be shooting 'Footloose' for most of the year, she was mentally gearing up to take him on. "You know what she told me? She said when she was gonna do the show, like when it was all ready to go, she said, 'You better watch out! I have had four seasons off, and I'm ready to dance!'"

Derek admits he's a tad relieved that his sis wasn't able to compete on the show's 11th season. Her appearance might have been a tie-breaker between the two if one of them won, since they both currently have two mirror ball trophies apiece.

"There was a short overlap, and it just couldn't work out," Derek said. "But she's doing great, so I'm excited for her. It was just an unfortunate overlap. I would have loved to have had her back!"

Julianne has been filming the flick in Atlanta with co-stars Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell, and has been reportedly spending any off time with her beau Ryan Seacrest. Tvshark.com reports that she told a radio show this summer that Seacrest has a few moves of his own on the dancefloor. "He can groove," she said. "He's got a little dip here and there."

Watch Julianne and Derek sing live together in our studio below.