JT Hodges has released his latest single, 'Already High.'

Hodges wrote the new release with Kevin Griffin (Taylor Swift, Sugarland), the lead singer of Better Than Ezra.

"Kevin and I were talking about what beers and/or liquors we preferred the day we were writing this one. You know, the deep stuff guys talk about," Hodges says.

"We also went on to admit that too much of the stuff sometimes had our ladies making us sleep on the couch ... Kevin then began to lay down this killer groove and we basically wrote an apology to them, professing there's no better high than the love they give us."

The Texas native will be performing the single, as well as his most recent release 'Lay It Down,' at tour stops across the country this summer. For tour info and dates, visit JTHodges.com.

'Already High' is available for purchase on iTunes.