Josh Turner has been finishing up his upcoming album, and the singer says that working in the music industry while raising a family can be challenging.

Turner penned over 60 songs for the new album, but all that work wasn't easy with his kids.

“It’s been somewhat of a challenge, but I’ve learned that songwriting is a discipline, and you just kind of have to carve out time for it,” he told The Boot during 2014 CMA Awards week.

“I’ve just learned from experience that with every record, whether you have a clear direction that you want to go in or not, the songs always kind of govern how the record’s going to turn out," Turner adds about shaping the new project, "and so it’s all about the songs that you write, the songs that you find, just how all of that kind of intertwines together.

"For this record, it’s been kind of interesting to see how things have come together because we’ve gone through so many songs, and I’ve written so many songs. I’ve written myself over 60 songs for this record, and we’ve just really settled on the very best songs that we’ve come across, and I’m really excited about it," he continues. "We’ve started playing some of it on the road, and the fans have loved it.”

All that time spent on the road has also been a hurdle when it comes to spending time with his his wife Jennifer and four children, Hampton, Colby, Marion and Samuel, who was born in September.

"The FaceTime and the phone calls and the pictures, and all that kind of stuff, it helps you, but nothing can replace actually being there with them," Turner says.

Fans can expect the new album, which will include his latest single 'Lay Low,' sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

"I’m pretty close to having the album finished," Turner says, "but right now, we’re just focusing on promoting the single."