Josh Turner proved his voice was even deeper in the morning, and Lauren Alaina put a hole in the stage as more than 300 hungry country fans got a head-start to CMA Music Festival, in the form of eggs, bacon, coffee and, of course, some great music. The occasion was GAC's Fifth Annual Fan Kick-off Breakfast in the lobby of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Wednesday morning (June 6), which also featured Kip Moore and Thompson Square.

Hosted by GAC personality Storme Warren, the festivities began at 7:00 AM, but before Lauren and Josh performed, Kip made sure the coffee wasn't the only thing that got the crowd fired up. His set included the multi-week No. 1 single, "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck," and gave attendees their first of several chances to sing along. Thompson Square took the stage next but Keifer Thompson had to be reminded of the first line of their first song, proof perhaps that most musicians aren't early risers. The rest of their performance, which included the duo's hits "I Got You," "Glass" and "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not," thankfully went off without a hitch.

Lauren Alaina bounced on stage and enthusiastically greeted fans, delivering the snappy "Tupelo" and a sweet version of the sing-along "Georgia Peaches." She may have been keeping the beat a bit too forcefully, however, as the petite powerhouse soon noticed that her spiked heel had pierced a hole in the stage. The singer laughed it off as a small price to pay for a cute pair of shoes and finished with "Dirt Road Prayer," the closing track on her debut album, Wildflower.

Josh Turner, whose natural wonder of a voice actually sounded a little deeper than usual, closed the show with a sampling of his biggest hits, including "Firecracker," "All Over Me," "Would You Go With Me," "Your Man," "Time Is Love," and "Long Black Train." Josh's new album, Punching Bag, will be released next Tuesday (June 12). The father of three boys acknowledged that thanks to their schedule he doesn't sleep regular hours anyway, so being up for this early a performance wasn't all that difficult. All four acts, in fact, made it look easy as they helped fans get ready for the hectic, country-music-filled days ahead.

Watch Josh Turner's 'Time Is Love' Video

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