Songwriter Josh Kerr is well known for penning songs for artists including Keith Urban ("Never Comin' Down"), Kelsea Ballerini ("Love Me Like You Mean It," among others) and Dylan Scott ("My Girl"), but on Friday (Nov. 8), he took a big step as an artist in his own right: He released his debut album.

How Do You Remember Me puts Kerr in the spotlight as a singer, gathering 11 songs co-written with friends such as Jordan Reynolds and Nick Wayne and artists including RaeLynn, Jacob Davis, Hardy and Trent Harmon. Its tracks come from Kerr's songwriting archives, and are songs that had yet to be cut by other artists.

The album's title track teams Kerr with Reynolds, Wayne and another good friend, Jordan Minton, to ask a question of former loves. Read on for the story behind "How Do You Remember Me," in Kerr's own words.

Yeah, so "How Do You Remember Me" was written right here, with three of my best friends, Jordan Reynolds, Jordan Minton and Nick Wayne. We had never all written the four of us; we had done different combinations.

I remember, Jordan thew out the title. He was like, "I've got this title. Let's just right something easy." And we wrote "How Do You Remember Me," and I remember we just wanted a simple chorus.

You know, that song, to me, is, it's the title track, and it's everything I love about songwriting. It was more of a freestyle of all of us kind of putting our own lives and dramatic versions of things that happened or didn't happen into a song that created this universal idea of "How do you remember me?"

It's not so much a question as it is a statement. I think, no matter if you're in love or out of love, you kind of always wonder, "I wonder if they remember me the way I remember them?" That's really what the song's about. It created the foothold for the rest of the record and kind of the whole concept of, honestly, just writing songs I love with people I love.

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