Get out the tissues out before you watch Josh Kelley's new music video for "It's Your Move." The extremely personal clip co-stars the singer's wife, actress Katherine Heigl, who also makes her directorial debut with the project.

Kelley and Heigl have been married for nine years, but as anyone who's tied the knot knows, it's not always all fun and games; marriage is hard work. Kelley was inspired to write "It's Your Move" during a difficult moment early on in their marriage.

“It was like one of those fights, an all-end-all fight, where you have to decide whether you’re going to remain in this story or not,” shares Kelley in a press release. “And, luckily, we love each other, we’re best friends, and we came out of it on top, but it was a big eye-opener for us.

"It’s a very vulnerable song," Kelley adds of "It's Your Move." "It’s very honest.”

The "It's Your Move" video shows Heigl and Kelley in the throes of a major argument; as Kelley plays the piano and sings the song on one side of the room, Heigl silently ponders what's going to happen next on the other. Two dancers, filling the space in between Kelley and Heigl, add an artistic visual to their emotions.

Kelley's new record, New Lane Road, is set for release on April 22 via Sugar Hill Records. The 12-track album is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

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