It seems brighter days are ahead for Josh Gracin. After posting what appeared to be a suicide note on his Facebook page earlier this month, he has revealed not one but two new songs he's been working on.

"I can never find the right words to say during a conversation. So here's the video of the writing session today," he writes on a post featuring a song titled 'Let Her Go.'

He also posted another song, 'Say Yes.' The video features him singing lyrics like "There will be no more tears, and no more pain / I'll give you all of me, and nothing less / Say yes."

Gracin came in fourth on the second season of 'American Idol.' His last album, 'Redemption,' was released on Average Joes Entertainment in 2011.

Gracin will continue performing over the next few months, including shows in Nebraska and Kentucky this weekend, while he puts the finishing touches on his new EP,  'Worth This Love.'  See all of his upcoming concerts here.

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